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 This course takes a comprehensive look at the more sophisticated features of MYOB such as Job Management, Budgets and Categories - Inventory Command Centre - Customising Forms - BAS - MYOB and GST -Importing and Exporting MYOB Data - Using MYOB OfficeLink with your Word Processor - Time Billing and much more!

MYOB Advanced is going to put you one step ahead of the game. So many staff members can operate MYOB at a basic level - but can they customise invoices, set up time billing and use the program very efficiently? Complete this two day course and you will learn this and more!

This is what our students are saying:

"Great trainer, appropriate course content - overall an enjoyable and valuable experiance."

"I am feeling much better about using MYOB in my work place far more confident"  

 "Went further than I expected. Didn't expect such in depth guidance on BAS"

What you can expect:

  • Very small class sizes (no more than 10 students)
  • Lots of one to one time with the trainer
  • Short courses (1-6 days coursed to choose from)
  • Competitive course costs
  • Courses are designed based on market research to meet individual’s needs at all levels
  • Free Textbooks & Myob Student Edition CD
  • Our trainers are MYOB Certified Consultants and Certified Trainers
  • Central training venue in St Kilda Road, 10 min Tram Ride from Flinders Station
  • Premium comfortable facilities
  • Simple safe online booking facilities
  • Helpful staff to assist you find the right course for you based on your current understanding
  • Easy accessible valet parking at discounted rates

Freedom's Guarantee  Complete the course again for FREE until you are a pro!!

Scheduled Dates
Day course Commencing
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Course length
2 days
Arrive 9.15 9.30 - 3.30pm
621, 1 Queens Rd Melbourne

Please note:
Freedom Training cannot secure your position in any course until full payment has been received.
Freedom Training reserves the right to cancel and reschedule courses at any time.

How much does MYOB Advanced 2 days $595 course cost?


MYOB Advanced 2 days $595 Course Overview

Get to know MYOB and it's time saving features

Our MYOB advanced course is designed for people who want to gain a deeper understanding of the accounting program MYOB. Using the latest version of the program, this course ensures you're learning the most relevant skills for the workplace.

Additional learning options

This advanced course builds on the concepts learnt from the introduction course, so if you have had little bookkeeping experience Freedom Training suggests you complete our MYOB introduction course first.

The one day MYOB payroll course is also available for those who are working in companies with employees.

Save money

In order to come away with a thorough knowledge and give you a chance to take advantage of the discounted course costs, Freedom Training recommends you book the entire MYOB suite (introduction, advanced and payroll) together.

Software used

MYOB Accounting Plus version 19. Latest software will be used once training manuals become available. Please note the fundamentals of MYOB training are not affected by older or latest versions.


What do I learn?

Day 1 

Job Management, Budgets and Categories

  • Creating Cards for Cost Centres
  • Recording Payments and Receipts of Cost Centres
  • Cost Centre reports
  • Reconciling Jobs
  • Entering Job Budget figures
  • Printing Job Budget figures
  • Designing your Jobs [Budget Analysis] report
  • Creating Job Cards for Jobs with Reimbursables
  • Entering Purchases and Expenses for the Job
  • Viewing the Job Reimbursable Expenses Report
  • Using Reimbursable Feature
  • Marking up the Materials
  • Billing the Customer
  • Viewing Job Profit and Loss reports
  • Accounting for Retentions
  • Using Categories
  • Printing Category Reports


Inventory Command Centre

  • Inventory Levels
  • Viewing setting up of inventory items
  • Inventory Adjustments
  • Inventory Transfers
  • Auto-Build
  • Using Standard Costs
  • Receiving Items
  • What and When to Inventory?
  • Creating a Purchase Order from a Sales Order

 Customising Forms

  • Planning Fields in Your Invoice
  • Customising Techniques
  • Customising an Invoice
  • Adding a Remittance Slip

Day 2


  • Tax Codes and the Business Activity Statement
  • Notes on Reporting Your Tax
  • Accounting for GST when GST is not 1/11th of amount
  • Paying an Account for GST Only
  • Entering Cheque Received with Recipient Created Tax Invoice
  • Using the NTD Tax Code
  • Entering a Sale with GST Inclusive Amount
  • Writing Off a Bad Debt
  • Accounting for Private Use When the Bill is Paid
  • Accounting for Private Use at the End of the Quarter
  • Purchase of an Asset Including GST on Credit
  • Purchase of an Asset [going concern]
  • Payment of Invoice from Supplier Not Registered for GST
  • Payment of Invoice from Supplier with no ABN
  • Accounting for Hire Purchase Arrangements - Non Cash
  • Accounting for Hire Purchase Arrangements - Cash
  • Accounting for Premium Funding Arrangements
  • Claiming Fuel Tax Credits
  • Entering Input Taxed Purchases and Sales
  • GST Reports [Non Cash]
  • Reconciling GST [Non Cash]
  • GST Reports [Cash Basis] and Reconciling GST
  • Checks Before Preparing BAS
  • BAS Checklist

Importing and Exporting MYOB Data

  • Exporting Your Accounts List
  • Exporting Item Cards
  • Exporting Supplier Cards - With an Identifier
  • Creating a New Data File Ready to Import Data
  • Importing an Accounts List
  • Linking Your Accounts
  • Importing Item Cards
  • Importing Cards for Suppliers
  • Importing Journal entries
  • Exporting Items to Excel
  • Changing Information in Excel
  • Importing Information Back into MYOB
  • Exporting Reports to your Word Processor
  • Importing MYOB Reports into your Word Processor

Using MYOB OfficeLink with your Word Processor

  • Using OfficeLink with Word or WordPerfect
  • Viewing OfficeLink templates
  • Using MYOB OfficeLink to Create a Single Letter
  • Using MYOB OfficeLink to Create Overdue Letters
  • Creating a New MYOB OfficeLink Template
  • Creating Letters with the New Template
Are there any assessments?

Step by step hands on exercises are completed in class to ensure comprehension and capability

Subject Prerequisites
  • Basic computer skills
  • Moderate written and verbal English skills
  • Numeracy skills 
  • Microsoft Windows™ experience
  • Understanding of basic MYOB functions (Freedom Training recommends MYOB Introduction)
  • General understanding of bookkeeping concepts
Course Cancellation and/or Rescheduling

What happens if I have to cancel my course?

Unfortunately once a course is booked and paid for, it cannot be sold again hence we can't offer full refunds but recommend you reschedule at another time.

What happens if I have to defer/reschedule my course?

Unfortunately once a course is booked and paid for, it cannot be sold again hence we can't offer full refunds, however you may reschedule/defer your attendance. This will be charged at half the price of the course you had booked originally. 48 hours notice must be given when you want to reschedule/defer your course otherwise full payment must be made.

Does Freedom Training cancel or defer courses?

Freedom Training reserves the right to cancel and reschedule courses at any time.

What happens if Freedom Training cancels or defers my course?

Our courses are tentatively scheduled and run based on interest. Payment is taken immediately to secure your position in the course. In the unlikely event of the course being rescheduled, Freedom Training will offer course participants another course date.

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