Freedom Training Clients Testimonials

"Highly reccommend to friends to make their lives and businesses easier and more profitable."
Rebecca P, Basic Bookkeeping Using MYOB

"The course provided the perfect intro to MYOB, I would definately reccommend it to others. Only practise will be required from now."
Ric P, MYOB Introduction

"Everything applied!"
Mandy C, MYOB Introduction

"Very relaxed atmosphere - comfortable asking questions."
Rebecca D, MYOB Principles

"It clarified some areas for me and also confirmed things I was doing correctly."
Christina H, MYOB Introduction

"Course was ideal for our company"s future intentions."
Madeline A, Basic Bookkeeping Using MYOB

"Small number of people doing this course made it easy to ask specific questions on my own needs...."
Wendy T, Basic Bookkeeping Using MYOB

"Step by step easy instructions."
Steve B, Basic Bookkeeping Using MYOB

"Small classes, so there was good lines of communication."
Jarrod M, MYOB Introduction

"Friendly staff."
Shannan B, Basic Bookkeeping Using MYOB

"Very imformative, Kayleen (the trainer) points out the more useful functions in MYOB we should focus on. The manual & CD also a very nice addition for revision."
Anderson W, Basic Bookkeeping Using MYOB

"It was well conducted at a good learning pace. The books provided were fantastic. The instructor was very helpful and understanding."
Megan E, Basic Bookkeeping Using MYOB

"Great! I love the time frame…and small class sizes."
Rachael S, Basic Bookkeeping Using MYOB

"The trainer was very caring in all questions given to her."
Janene J, MYOB Principles